Rio Router: Digital Security Fortress for All Your Devices

Allowlisting Defense | Built-In VPN | VLAN SecureRooms™ | Dual Password Protection | Parental Controls | DNS Filtering | Firewall +more

Launch time: 2024.4.9
The Rio Router, designed by PC Matic, transforms your standard Wi-Fi connection into a fortified digital security system, akin to a “Fort Knox” for routers. This advanced device only allows approved devices to connect, holding unapproved ones in a waiting area and providing instant alerts for any connection attempts. Equipped with features like allowlisting defense, built-in VPN, VLAN SecureRooms™, dual password protection, and DNS filtering, the Rio ensures that each device operates within its designated “room,” preventing unauthorized interactions between your devices. The router also comes with robust parental controls and a firewall, enhancing its security framework. Rio’s SecureRoom™ technology allows up to 16 separate secure connections, and its user-friendly mobile app makes it easy to manage settings and monitor network activity. Additionally, Rio offers special guest access, ideal for temporary users like Airbnb guests, ensuring they are automatically disconnected once their access period ends. This comprehensive security approach not only protects against external threats but also simplifies the management of your home network.