Duo Cover 2.0: Who Said Microwaves Can't Be Healthy & Tasty?

💨 Steam meals to perfection & transform leftovers from dreadful to delicious with ZERO food splatter or ouchie finger burns 😩

Launch time: 2024.4.30
Duo Cover 2.0, an upgrade tool for your microwave that revolutionizes food reheating, enhancing both taste and convenience while safeguarding against messes and burns. This versatile accessory functions as a cover, steamer, and storage solution, all while providing protection from splatters and heat injuries. Available in collapsible or non-collapsible designs, it now includes the innovative “Stow-Away Mate” accessory for microwaves lacking a magnetic ceiling. With a larger diameter to accommodate bigger dishes and an aesthetically pleasing surface pattern, Duo Cover 2.0 elevates the reheating experience by trapping steam, increasing humidity, maintaining consistent temperature, and ensuring even heating—resulting in a remarkable 95% reduction in cold spots and a 23% acceleration in cooking time. Offering effortless cleanup and storage, it’s an indispensable addition to any kitchen, optimizing microwave usage for all.