Meet The Team

In 2019, Allen Jones established Hunt4Best, a platform born out of his vision and expertise. A distinguished alumnus of Columbia Marketing, Allen Jones possesses a decade-long tenure in the realm of crowdfunding, positioning him as a pioneering figure within the crowdfunding. Notably, Allen was among the vanguard of the crowdfunding industry, paving the way for its evolution.

Recognizing a prevalent phenomenon within the crowdfunding landscape, Allen identified a proliferation of purported “crowdfunding communities” that mechanically aggregated Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects onto their platforms, adopting the label of community. This paradoxical practice intrigued him.

Thus, Allen Jones resolved to establish a bona fide crowdfunding community, leading a consortium of seasoned professionals to create Hunt4Best. This platform stands committed to not only dissecting the latest crowdfunding industry trends and capturing pertinent data, but also showcasing select, high-caliber crowdfunding endeavors. Simultaneously, it serves as a repository for the exchange of crowdfunding expertise.

In collaboration with his adept team, Allen Jones devised the F-P-E analysis model, leveraging a comprehensive professional knowledge framework. This analytical paradigm systematically dissects projects, delves into crowdfunding performance, gauges cash-out efficiency, and forms the bedrock of Hunt4Best’s operations.

Hunt4Best - Allen

F-P-E Hunt Model (How we hunt)

The F-P-E model intricately evaluates project performance across three essential dimensions: F (Features), P (Performance), and E (Efficiency).

F (Features):

Undoubtedly, the linchpin of project triumph resides in product differentiation. Crowdfunding enthusiasts are inclined towards distinctive designs and inventive concepts, underscoring the significance of this facet in the project’s success.

P (Performance):

Nonetheless, the subjectivity of each project initiator’s perception that their product is unparalleled necessitates a more objective evaluation. Hence, augmenting the analysis is the project’s crowdfunding performance—a pivotal benchmark. Astute products often yield commendable crowdfunding outcomes.

E (Efficiency):

One of the paramount apprehensions of backers pertains to the project’s fulfillment of its crowdfunding commitments and seamless product delivery. Acknowledging that certain aspects of a project might not culminate as envisioned, this dimension addresses the project’s actual delivery and the efficacy thereof. Hence, the model integrates successful delivery and delivery efficiency as pivotal parameters in project evaluation.

P-F Review Model (how we review)

The F-P model conducts a holistic assessment of project performance through two key dimensions: F (Features) and P (Potential).

F (Features):

Within this facet, the H4B team undertakes a meticulous analysis of the product’s strengths and weaknesses. If feasible, the team engages in direct correspondence with the project owner, aiming to procure preliminary product samples for a comprehensive evaluation.

P (Potential):

Amid the crowdfunding phase, the H4B team systematically gauges the project’s potential. Drawing upon the amassed data from the crowdfunding duration, the team anticipates the project’s future trajectory and orientation. This predictive analysis serves to furnish backers with an impartial and well-informed projection of the project’s outcomes.