Fosi Audio V3 Mono Home Audio Power Amplifier with PFFB

Engineered for Audiophiles - A New Era of Miniature Single-Channel Amplification

Launch time: 2024.4.20
The Fosi Audio V3 Mono Home Audio Power Amplifier with PFFB heralds a new era of miniature single-channel amplification, tailored for audiophiles worldwide. Boasting high output power and exceptional performance, it effortlessly drives 2-8Ω home audio HiFi passive speakers, perfect for building powerful home theater systems or immersive desktop sound setups. Featuring innovative PFFB Post-Filter Feedback Technology, it reduces distortion, enhances linearity, and improves sound purity and system efficiency, while also overcoming the limitations of Class-D amps. With a robust yet compact design, including an all-aluminum alloy chassis and advanced cooling mechanisms, it ensures durability and efficient operation. Flexible connectivity options, including XLR Balanced and RCA inputs, cater to various audio setups, while swappable op-amps allow for a personalized audio experience. Additional features such as auto standby mode and dust-proof filter screens enhance convenience and longevity, making it an ideal choice for discerning audio enthusiasts seeking superior sound quality and versatility.