HiChord - Pocket Chord Synthesizer

Write songs anywhere. Instantly playable, deeply featured. Play chords with one button.

Launch time: 2024.4.30
HiChord, the pocket chord synthesizer that empowers users to write songs anytime, anywhere. With its instant playability and rich features, HiChord is suitable for songwriters, producers, hobbyists, students, and gadget enthusiasts alike. This Kickstarter campaign aims to fund the creation of custom tooling for Injection Molding, ensuring perfectly aligned buttons and cases for the final units. HiChord simplifies chord playing with its unique interface, allowing users to play chords with just one button and modify them with a joystick. It boasts a built-in 10-oscillator digital synth engine with various waveforms, along with effects like delay, reverb, tremolo, and glide. Fully portable with a rechargeable battery and built-in speaker, HiChord provides endless musical possibilities on the go.