Surevival Pen - This Pen Saves Lives!

The world's first tactical pen with concealed seatbelt cutter, telescoping tip & window breaker for emergency escape, rescue & defense!

Launch time: 2024.4.23
The Surevival Pen is a tactical tool designed for emergency escape, rescue, and defense. Featuring a concealed seatbelt cutter, telescoping tip, and window breaker, it empowers users to swiftly respond to life-altering situations. With its patent-pending seatbelt cutter accessible under the pen clip, users can quickly free themselves or others with just one hand, making it ideal for panicked or mobility-limited scenarios. The telescoping tip enhances striking power without compromising on functionality, and the tungsten carbide tip ensures efficient glass shattering during vehicle emergencies. Beyond its life-saving capabilities, the Surevival Pen offers smooth writing with its bolt-action mechanism and comfortable grip, making it a versatile everyday tool. Crafted from durable materials, it’s built to last a lifetime, ensuring preparedness in critical moments and potentially preventing tragedies with its presence alone.