DeltaForce 65: Full Metal Kamo Mechanical Keyboard

Stunning camo design | Sublimation PBT keycaps | Compact 65% | Hot-swappable Gateron red | RGB | QMK/VIA | Gasket mount | CNC aluminum

Launch time: 2024.4.23
The DeltaForce 65 Full Metal Kamo Mechanical Keyboard is a cutting-edge keyboard designed to elevate your typing experience. Boasting a stunning camo design and durable construction, it features sublimation PBT keycaps for longevity and a superior feel. With a compact 65% layout, it saves desk space while offering customizable performance with hot-swappable Gateron red switches and vibrant RGB lighting controlled by QMK/VIA software. Its gasket mount and CNC aluminum frame ensure robustness for long-lasting use. Additionally, it offers four organic patterns to suit different personalities: Jungle Kamo, Urban Kamo, Desert Kamo, and Cyber Kamo. The keyboard comes with all the bells and whistles, including kamo keycaps, a full metal build, hot-swappable switches, and enhanced sound experience. The KCA keycap profile offers ergonomic comfort and sleek aesthetics, while VIA software enables easy LED color and key layout customization. Whether for work or play, the DeltaForce 65 combines style with functionality for an unparalleled typing experience.