Korin HubPack 33: The Pinnacle of Anti-Theft Backpacks

Engineering Security and Innovation: 2,000 Hours, 333 Parts, and 33 Pockets for Enhanced Protection

Launch time: 2024.4.23
The Korin HubPack 33 is hailed as the epitome of anti-theft backpacks, boasting 2,000 hours of engineering, 333 parts, and 33 pockets designed to enhance protection and organization for all your tech gadgets and daily necessities. Crafted from a state-of-the-art cut-resistant fabric, this backpack ensures the safety of your laptop, tablet, water bottle, charger, and more, each item allocated its own secure compartment. Featuring integrated Type-C charging and an RFID card pocket, it facilitates seamless movement in any environment, be it bustling subways or airport terminals, with an assurance of top-tier security against theft.