Nisplay L1: The Most Compact & Portable Ball Machine Ever

Lightweight 11 lbs|Multiple Training Drills|10-50 MPH Speed Range|50 Ball Capacity|Mobile App & Remote Control|Compact External Battery

Launch time: 2024.5.1
Nisplay L1 is hailed as the ultimate solution for tennis enthusiasts seeking portable and efficient training. Weighing just 11 lbs, this compact ball machine offers an impressive array of features, including multiple training drills, a speed range of 10-50 MPH, and a 50-ball capacity. With its mobile app and remote control, users can customize settings such as speed, intervals, and launch angles to tailor their practice sessions. Gone are the days of cumbersome and expensive tennis ball machines—Nisplay L1 allows players to train conveniently and effectively wherever they please, revolutionizing the way tennis is practiced.