Free AI Powered Bookkeeping for Self-Employed

A lifetime free app delivering AI-enhanced bookkeeping, the ability to manage business finances, send invoices to clients and get paid.

Launch time: 2024.5.12
Features: introduces LedgerIQ, a lifetime free AI-powered bookkeeping app tailored for small business owners and entrepreneurs. This innovative tool offers AI-enhanced bookkeeping capabilities that mimic having an accessible Chief Financial Officer, providing crucial financial guidance and analysis. Users can inquire about outstanding bills, sales demographics, profitability per product or service, financial comparisons to previous periods, and inventory turnover rates. Additionally, LedgerIQ includes comprehensive business management features such as linking to external accounts, auto-categorizing expenses, sending invoices, tracking business mileage, scanning receipts, and generating Profit & Loss Statements for tax season. The app continually evolves, integrating new features based on user feedback. Moreover, it allows easy money transfers to third-party bank accounts or instant access through a virtual debit card, all without any hidden fees or subscriptions, making financial management tools accessible to all small businesses, freelancers, and self-employed individuals, potentially impacting their sustainability and success significantly.