Tiflex: a Mini Titanium Folding Knife of Super Sharpness

Hook Blade & Super Sharp Utility | Single-handed Operation & Safety Design | Mini Portability on Keychain | 5 Blade Types Compatible

Launch time: 2024.5.7
Tiflex is a highly innovative mini titanium folding knife that combines super sharpness with convenient single-handed operation and safety. Designed for keychain portability, Tiflex offers precise control, allowing users to easily make cuts even when one hand is occupied, ideal for tasks like carrying items or climbing. It features a hook blade design compatible with multiple scalpel blades (#10, #11, #11a, #15, #15c, #23), enhancing its versatility and utility in both everyday and complex tasks. With an ergonomic safety design that prevents accidental cuts, Tiflex boasts a quick blade swap feature and is suitable for both right and left-handed users. It is TSA-approved, making it an excellent travel companion, and the blades can be easily replaced, ensuring long-term use and reliability for everything from DIY projects to outdoor adventures.