Verum 2 : audiophile planar magnetic headphones

Classic tech pushed to the extreme.

Launch time: 2024.5.1
Verum 2 sets a new standard in audiophile planar magnetic headphones, pushing classic technology to its limits. These headphones feature a meticulously tuned design based on both scientific principles and subjective expertise, combined with exceptional craftsmanship. With an oversized 105 mm driver and an ultra-thin diaphragm, Verum 2 delivers unparalleled clarity and detail. Its innovative bass-reflex ports in the pads ensure deep bass without sacrificing speed. The headphones boast a range of improvements over their predecessor, including a 10 times thinner membrane, more powerful magnetic system, and premium materials like hardened steel and natural sheep-skin earpads. Designed for lasting reliability and comfort, Verum 2 offers a choice of five different colors and promises an extraordinary listening experience for audiophiles.