SWIFT PRO: The Powerful 140W 4th Gen GaN Travel Adapter

140W 4th Gen GaN Tech | 3 USB-C Ports | 1 USB-A | 1 Universal Socket | 4 Transfor ways | Charges 5 devices at the same time | Twin Fuse

Launch time: 2024.4.17
SWIFT PRO, a powerful 140W 4th Gen GaN travel adapter designed to revolutionize your charging experience. Equipped with three USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and one universal socket, it offers versatile charging options for up to five devices simultaneously. Utilizing 4th Generation GaN Tech, the SWIFT PRO ensures stable charging frequency and intelligent wattage distribution, enhancing performance and extending battery life. Lab tests have demonstrated its ability to stabilize current during charging and manage heat effectively. With the added convenience of a removable data cable/strap accessory, this adapter offers 5x faster charging, providing a 100% full charge in under 18 minutes. Choose from three classic colors and enjoy the ultimate charging solution for all your electronic devices.