soundcore Sleep A20—Next-Level Bluetooth Sleep Earbuds

4-Point Noise Masking System|3X Stronger Noise Blocking|Designed for Side Sleepers|80-Hour Playtime|Bluetooth Streaming|Sleep Monitor

Launch time: 2024.4.16
The soundcore Sleep A20 introduces innovative features tailored to revolutionize sleep quality. With a 4-Point Noise Masking System and 3X Stronger Noise Blocking, it aims to address common sleep disturbances, particularly for side sleepers. By meticulously refining design elements such as Twin-Seal ear tips and Acoustic Lab’s anti-snoring sounds, soundcore ensures optimal comfort and noise isolation. The integration of Smart Volume Control and a comprehensive sleep monitoring system, including a MEMS Sensor and Real-Time Clock, offers users a personalized and insightful analysis of their sleep patterns. With customizable sleep sounds, 80-hour playtime, and convenient features like ‘Find Device’ in the soundcore app, the Sleep A20 promises to be more than just an accessory but a pathway to healthier, more rejuvenating sleep routines.