TiTum, The Headphone That Can BECOME Other Headphones

Why buy many expensive headphones? TiTum can TRANSFORM to be ALL of those! and more!

Launch time: 2024.3.1
TiTum is a headphone that can transform to emulate the sound profile of other expensive headphones, allowing users to experience professional-grade sound without having to purchase multiple headphones. The headphone is equipped with Beryllium drivers and a built-in DAC, ensuring unparalleled frequency response and high-definition audio quality. TiTum also features a dedicated noise-cancelling driver to maintain sound quality even with active noise cancellation. The headphone is designed for a seamless user experience, with easy control buttons and comfortable Alcantara fabric ear cushions. Additionally, TiTum offers a custom 3D Sound Profile for immersive gaming and entertainment experiences, as well as studio-grade ADC converter and AUX-IN analog functionality for audiophiles on the go.