stilform FLOW - A Timeless Rollerball with Innovative Cap

A Revolutionary and Sustainable Magnetic Rollerball in Titanium, Brass and Aluminium.

Launch time: 2024.6.13
The stilform FLOW is a sustainable rollerball pen crafted from titanium, brass, and aluminum, featuring an innovative magnetic cap mechanism. Combining the smooth writing of a ballpoint with the ink quality of a fountain pen, FLOW ensures a seamless writing experience without skips or smudges. Its retractable tip and magnetic cap keep the ink fresh and provide a satisfying opening and closing action. The pen’s robust construction, including a Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) on the titanium version, offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear. Available in four refill colors, the eco-friendly FLOW is made from 98% recycled materials, emphasizing sustainability while providing a luxurious writing tool. The minimalist design with anti-roll chamfers adds elegance and functionality, making stilform FLOW a timeless and reliable instrument suitable for everyday use and as an heirloom for future generations.