OCTO MAX: Rugged Ti multitool carabiner w. Window breaker

This 20-in-1 carabiner w. knife is NICE

Launch time: 2024.3.14
The OCTO MAX is a rugged, multifunctional Ti multitool carabiner designed for a variety of applications, consolidating the feedback from over 6,000 OCTO products sold. This 20-in-1 tool, crafted entirely from titanium for strength, lightness, and durability, includes an exchangeable and upgradeable knife, glow-in-the-dark plates, an emergency glass breaker, and an exchangeable multi-purpose bit holder, among other features. Unique attributes include a dual screwdriver set, a set of wrenches for common sizes, a nail remover, a bottle opener, a wire stripper, and a jar popper. With a spring-loaded gate and an extreme load capacity, the OCTO MAX is designed for adventurous handymen and DIY enthusiasts. It comes with several free add-ons like a pocket clip and colored locks for customization, enhancing its utility and versatility in various situations, although it is not certified for climbing due to its sharp edges and tool bits.