GOOVIS G3X- Ready for an immersive journey anywhere anytime

Elevate your entertainment, work, and gaming experiences with a device that's lighter, slimmer, and freer than ever before.

Launch time: 2024.3.5
The GOOVIS G3X, a groundbreaking 4K OLED Head-Mounted Display, offers an immersive visual experience with dual 2K micro-OLED displays for high-resolution viewing. Featuring a vast 800-inch virtual display at 20 meters and a 52-degree field of view, it delivers a cinematic experience enhanced by a 113% sRGB color gamut for vibrant images. This device supports 3D Blu-ray viewing without extra glasses and has built-in speakers, with compatibility for wireless earbuds like the GOOVIS GE10. It’s designed for comfort, especially for glasses wearers, with adjustable diopter settings and pupillary distance.