eufy S1 Pro Floor Washing Robot Vacuum & All-in-One Station

170 RPM Self-Cleaning Floor Washer | Groundbreaking Design | 68 Days of Self-Emptying | 750× More Precise Navigation | 8,000 Pa Suction

Launch time: 2024.3.28
The Eufy S1 Pro Floor Washing Robot Vacuum introduces a significant leap forward in automated home cleaning, combining vacuuming, mopping, and self-cleaning technologies in one device. Its real-time floor washing system, which swaps dirty water with fresh in the mop, ensures a deeper clean. The robot features a sleek design with a hidden LiDAR unit for navigating tight spaces and avoiding obstacles, including pets, with its 3D MatrixEye™ Depth Perception System. An all-in-one UniClean™ Station simplifies maintenance by automating emptying, washing, and drying tasks. Launched with special Kickstarter discounts, the Eufy S1 Pro promises to streamline cleaning routines with its blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features​