Droplet: Smart Home Water Sensor

A cutting-edge ultrasonic device that easily monitors real-time water usage, detects leaks, and saves - all from a single point

Launch time: 2024.3.19
The Droplet Smart Home Water Sensor, developed by Hydrific, a subsidiary of LIXIL, is a revolutionary ultrasonic device aimed at monitoring household water usage from a single installation point. It promises significant water conservation by identifying leaks, tracking real-time and historical water use, and providing actionable insights through a mobile app. Designed for easy, tool-free installation with a universal clamp, it fits any main water pipe and is set up via a simple guided process. Droplet aims to help users reduce water bills by up to 30%, fostering sustainable water usage habits. The sensor’s development included extensive research, homeowner interviews, and collaboration with organizations like the Alliance for Water Efficiency, emphasizing its commitment to addressing global water sustainability challenges.