BOX-POT Minimalist Camping Cook Kit! Boil, Fry Even Bake!

A One Pot Wonder! Amaze your friends with fresh hot meals and delicious desserts in the back country. Cook most Anything... Anywhere!

Launch time: 2023.10.24
BOX-POT, the compact yet versatile cooking solution ideal for outdoor adventures. Constructed from durable, lightweight, and food-grade stainless steel, it boasts a one-quart capacity with a square shape for maximum space efficiency. The accompanying Cooking Stone adds thermal mass for various cooking needs, including baking, pan-frying, boiling, and stewing, enabling the preparation of a range of delicious meals and desserts. Its compatibility with the Firebox Scout Stove or Firebox Nano ensures seamless functionality, while the optional Cook-All-Kits offer expanded cooking capabilities. The product’s premium craftsmanship, folding handles, and heat-resistant coating enhance both durability and user comfort. Designed for convenience and minimal gear packing, BOX-POT represents an innovative and practical cooking solution for any outdoor enthusiast.