Avensi Wave: The Most Impossible Coffee Cups Ever Made

Unconventional Drinkware for Espresso & Coffee. Aeration Waves™ Unlock Your Coffee’s Full Flavor & Aroma. One-of-a-kind Design.

Launch time: 2024.2.27
The Avensi Wave Coffee Collection is the culmination of a bold endeavor to revolutionize coffee drinkware by merging stunning design with functional innovation aimed at enhancing the coffee drinking experience. The collection, featuring both glass and ceramic materials, introduces a novel concept called Aeration Waves™, designed to aerate coffee by creating waves that unlock and amplify its flavors and aromas, akin to the aeration process in wine tasting. This unique feature, combined with the collection’s distinctive architecture, aims to transform the act of coffee consumption into a rich, sensory experience. The collection includes different cup designs such as the Cyclone, Wave Alto, and Aeresso, each tailored for specific coffee types and tasting experiences. Additionally, the collection extends to accessories like elegant cork sleeves and a limited edition series of ceramic cups, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and functionality. This innovative approach aims to elevate the coffee experience, mirroring the sophistication found in wine and spirit glassware, thus inviting coffee lovers to engage all senses in their coffee ritual.