An Ultimate EDC tool that handles all your everyday tasks

High quality titanium multitool with modular mini blade, bottle opener, screwdriver, pry tool, and mini saw for all your daily needs.

Launch time: 20234.3.5
The Ultimate EDC (Everyday Carry) tool, tailored for a wide range of everyday tasks, incorporates high-quality titanium and offers multiple functionalities including a modular mini blade, bottle opener, screwdriver, pry tool, and mini saw. It’s designed for everyone from minimalists to outdoor enthusiasts, offering a compact, powerful solution for daily needs. The tool features a magnetic attachment, keychain compatibility, and a TSA-friendly design, making it ideal for travel. The JOAT (Jack of All Trades) aspect refers to its versatility, housing six general utility tools in one. It is engineered for efficiency and convenience, with a design allowing full disassembly, making it highly customizable and maintenance-friendly. Crafted from CNC machined titanium for durability, the JOAT includes a quick-release blade system, magnetic bit holder for screwdriving, and variable sizes in its mini wrench. It’s designed to be the ultimate accessory for improving work productivity, simplifying tasks, and assisting with quick fixes while being environmentally friendly by reducing the need for multiple disposable tools. This tool is perfect for enhancing EDC collections and making daily tasks easier and more efficient.