ZERA Sonic - The First 2-Way Auto-caring Toothbrush Kit

1st Sonic Interdental Brush | AutoCare Case with UV Light |Self Air-drying | Automatic Charging | 50,000 Brush Strokes/Min | Compact

Launch time: 2023.10.26
ZERA Sonic’s first 2-way auto-caring toothbrush kit, featuring a main brush and interdental brush both integrated with sonic vibration, ensuring effortless teeth cleaning. The AutoCare case, a portable travel solution, offers air-drying and UV cleaning capabilities, along with automatic charging for up to 6 weeks of battery life. With its durable and compact design, the case serves as a protective shell that also holds toothpaste, making it travel-friendly and shock-resistant. The toothbrush’s sonic generator vibrates at 50,000 brush strokes per minute, offering three modes to accommodate various dental care needs. Additionally, the system is equipped with an ultraviolet sterilizer to eliminate microorganisms, ensuring sustained hygiene. The product’s sustainable design approach, incorporating superior materials and efficient energy usage, emphasizes longevity and reduced wear, making it an ideal and convenient tool for maintaining oral hygiene while on the go.