NASA Perseverance AI-powered Mars Rover kit

A collection of DIY electronic kits, including a programmable Space Rover, the Artemis watch, the models of Juno, Discovery and Voyager

Launch time: 2023.10.31
The NASA Perseverance AI-powered Mars Rover kit, a part of a series of DIY electronic kits tailored for the inquisitive minds across 70 countries. This collaboration with the CircuitMess team, known for their engineering prowess and space enthusiasm, promises an exceptional journey into the realm of space exploration. The Space Rover kit, equipped with a dual-core processor, enables remote control and programming via various languages, including Python, C++/Arduino, and CircuitBlocks, with a USB-C cable for swift programming. Meticulously designed to replicate the intricate details of the official Perseverance Rover, the kit joins a collection that already features renowned space crafts such as the James Webb Space Telescope, ISS, Solar Orbiter, Apollo 11, and Cubesat NEA Scout, alongside the introduction of three historical kits, Juno, Voyager, and Discovery, enriching the cosmic exploration experience.