Modi Boxi: 3D printable storage solution for tabletop gamers

Over 400 STL files for a customizable 3D-printable storage system, perfect for all tabletop gaming needs.

Launch time: 2024.2.6
The Modi Boxi is a 3D printable storage solution specifically designed for tabletop gamers, created by Mod Innovations LLC. This project offers over 400 STL files for a customizable 3D-printable system, aimed at efficiently organizing and storing various gaming essentials such as cards, board games, miniatures, painting supplies, and more. The system is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for a wide range of configurations to suit any gamer’s lifestyle. It emphasizes the convenience of having an adaptable and easily accessible storage solution that caters to the diverse needs of the tabletop gaming community. This innovative approach to game storage highlights the increasing trend towards personalized and DIY solutions in the gaming industry, providing gamers with the tools to create a storage system that best fits their individual needs and preferences​​​