Leo: the Plug and Play Battery Life Extender

Award-winning device, extending all your portable electronics' battery lifespan by as much as 50%. For your wallet, and for our world!

Launch time: 2023.9.12
Leo, a distinguished device renowned for its ability to effectively extend the lifespan of your portable electronics’ batteries by a remarkable 50%, ultimately benefiting both your finances and the environment. Through its simple installation process—just plug Leo between your charger and device—it performs an automatic battery analysis and sets an optimized charge limit of approximately 90%, significantly elongating the overall battery life. Additionally, Leo actively regulates charging speeds and strategically schedules breaks during night charging sessions, effectively minimizing the duration spent at high charge percentages and voltage levels. Compatible with various USB-C devices, it offers the flexibility of fast charging whenever necessary. Leo’s design places a strong emphasis on sustainability, boasting updatable software, a modular and replaceable cable, and an optional app for comprehensive battery analytics and updates, cementing its reputation as a user-friendly and eco-conscious battery life extender.