JSAUX FlipGo: Portable Dual Screen for Boosted Productivity

Magnetic Design | 13.5 & 16" Screens | Touchscreen | One Cable to Dual Monitor | 3 Different Types of Stand | Lighter & Thinner Design

Launch time: 2024.1.30
The JSAUX FlipGo is a groundbreaking dual-screen portable monitor launched on Kickstarter, designed to significantly enhance productivity for both professionals and digital nomads. Available in 13.5″ and 16″ sizes across Standard, Standard with Touch Screen, and Pro editions, the FlipGo stands out for its versatility, allowing configurations as a single or dual monitor setup with both vertical and horizontal orientations. The Pro Edition introduces an UltraView mode, expanding content across two screens, while all versions boast a magnetic attachment surface for compatibility with various stands, including the innovative Flex Folio leather case and Snap Stand. Touted as the thinnest and lightest dual portable monitor in the market, it offers up to 2.5K resolution, 200ppi pixel density, and 500 nits brightness, powered by a single USB-C cable for convenience.