INIU PowerNova: Portable Airline-Approved 140W Power Bank

140W Fast Charging| 27,000mAh| Support PD 3.1| 1 USB-A & 2 USB-C Outputs| Real-Time Smart Display| 3-Year Warranty

Launch time: 2023.10.3
The INIU PowerNova is a 140W portable power bank that promises to eliminate the hassle of devices running out of power. Boasting a remarkable 27,000mAh capacity and supporting PD 3.1, it features one USB-A and two USB-C outputs and ensures rapid charging for multiple devices simultaneously. Its standout 140W lightning-fast charging capability sets it apart, catering to high-power-demand devices such as laptops and the Steam Deck. Notably, the power bank can recharge itself in just 1.8 hours and comes equipped with pass-through technology, allowing simultaneous charging of both the power bank and connected devices. Designed with airline safety regulations in mind, it is an ideal travel companion, while its smart LED screen provides real-time power and charging status updates. With 15 layers of protection, the PowerNova offers unparalleled convenience and reliability for users seeking a robust, travel-friendly power solution.