iMicro Q3 - A Fingertip Microscope toward the Optical Limit

Super 700nm resolution, 1200x magnification, 1/2 inch 1/60 oz, explore the microworld with any smartphone at an affordable cost.

Launch time: 2023.12.16
The iMicro Q3 is the latest advancement in fingertip microscopy, boasting unprecedented features and performance that redefine the possibilities of smartphone microscopy. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the iMicro Q3 achieves submicron resolution, surpassing the limitations imposed by interference phenomena and visible light wavelength. It also offers an exceptional magnification power of up to 1200x, setting a new benchmark in the field. The addition of a precision-focused stand ensures stable focus control, while its negligible distortion matches that of a desktop microscope. Remarkably compact and lightweight, measuring only ½ inch in size and weighing around 1/60 oz, the iMicro Q3 easily integrates with any smartphone, making it extremely convenient to carry and use. Moreover, with a price tag approximately 1% of that of a conventional desktop microscope, the iMicro Q3 remains highly affordable, aiming to make the wonders of microscopy accessible to all.