HUNT X6: The Rechargeable 3in1 LED Flashlight with Pry-bar

Versatile, Functional, and Refined EDC. White, Red & UV Lights in One. Made From Titanium/Aluminium.

Launch time: 2023.11.23
The HUNT X6 is a versatile and innovative tool, designed as a rechargeable 3-in-1 LED flashlight that incorporates a pry bar, making it a multifunctional device for everyday carry. It features multiple lighting modes including white, UV, and red lights, catering to a variety of needs from general illumination to specialized tasks. Constructed from a blend of titanium and aluminum, the HUNT X6 promises durability and lightweight handling. Its unique addition of a sturdy mini pry-bar further enhances its practicality, offering additional utility beyond a standard flashlight. Its combination of features make it a promising tool for both everyday use and emergency situations, appealing to a wide range of users seeking versatility and reliability in their EDC gear.