Gothic Sector : Lost Ships Part 2

3D Printable boarding actions terrain. 2 spaceship styles +1 to unlock ! Compatible with FDM and SLA printer.

Launch time: 2023.9.29
“Gothic Sector: Lost Ships Part 2” offers 3D-printable boarding action terrain suitable for both FDM and SLA printers. This set includes STL files for creating terrain in two spaceship styles: the Greenskin Kroozer and Space Dwarf Mining Ship, with the option to unlock a third spaceship style. The package comprises walls, doors, pillars, ground tiles (with backlight compatibility), accessories like barricades and apparatus, and various bases. Each spaceship style includes door models, wall models, pillar models, cap models, apparatus and accessories models, and ground tiles. The terrain components are designed for easy assembly with connectors or magnets, and the connector system is compatible with GW plastic kits, making it a versatile addition for tabletop gaming enthusiasts.