FoldiBox 2 Series|For Anyone & Anywhere with ∞ Possibilities

Take your FoldiBox to the next level. The ultimate microwavable container with multiple accessories for lunch, snacks, and more.

Launch time: 2023.8.29
The FoldiBox 2 Series presents an inventive solution for food storage and beyond. It showcases a classic folding mechanism coupled with an intuitive magnetic design, simplifying its transformation into a container. Crafted from microwave-safe materials with heat resistance up to 300℉, it’s perfect for food reheating, and its design facilitates effortless cleaning with no inaccessible corners. Dishwasher-safe, the FoldiBox 2 is available in two sizes and offers a variety of accessories for different needs, whether for outdoor camping or meal prepping. Infused with an inorganic silver antimicrobial Ag+ formula from Japan, it effectively eliminates bacteria and odors. This versatile container suits indoor, outdoor, school, and office applications, offering endless possibilities for users.