Flai Switch-A 7 Days Work Bag+48-Hour Travel Pack

With Smart Rotate Strap™ Instantly Convert From Briefcase To Backpack,To Travel Pack, and Slim Pack, 4 Modes Switch

Launch time: 2023.12.27
The FLAI Switch is a highly versatile work and travel bag that has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. Its key feature is the Smart Rotate Strap™, which allows for an easy transition between four different modes: briefcase, backpack, travel pack, and slim pack, making it suitable for various scenarios. The bag is designed to be both a 7-day work bag and a 48-hour travel pack, catering to the needs of professionals and travelers. While the specifics of its size, material, and other features aren’t detailed in the sources, the FLAI Switch’s innovative design and multifunctionality have clearly resonated with consumers. Its adaptability makes it a convenient choice for those with dynamic lifestyles, whether for daily commutes, business trips, or short-term travels​.