BlueNexus - Your hassle-free solution to a pristine pool

No More Tangled Cords | 165W Powerful Suction | Featuring 3D Pool Map Planning & Navigation System | 5 Cleaning Modes

Launch time: 2023.8.29
The Sublue BlueNexus presents a groundbreaking cordless solution for effortless pool maintenance. It packs a robust 165W motor and a unique 3D pool map planning and navigation system, ensuring efficient cleaning for pools of diverse shapes and surfaces. This device runs for 3.5 hours and offers five cleaning modes: smart cleaning, floor cleaning, wall cleaning, all-round cleaning, and remote control cleaning, guaranteeing tailored and comprehensive cleaning experiences. With Geoguru technology, it excels at precise obstacle detection and pool wall protection, saving time and preventing potential damage. The BlueNexus includes a spacious filter for effective debris capture, works well in various water conditions and pool types, and its cordless design eliminates tangled cords and trip hazards. Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.