AroundFire: Most Portable Grill Table Fire Up Any Gathering

From the patio to the campsite, AroundFire does it all! Enjoy interactive grilling, cooking, and campfire together with a 30s setup.

Launch time: 2023.12.7
AroundFire is a cutting-edge portable grill table, ideal for outdoor gatherings like camping and cookouts. It’s designed for ease of use with a quick 30-second setup, and features a stainless steel fire mesh and lightweight, foldable table. The grill is equipped with Ultra-Light Fire Mesh technology, ensuring efficient burning with minimal smoke. It’s user-friendly with features like adjustable heights and rapid-cooling design, plus a robust build using rust-proof, heat-resistant materials. Versatile in cooking options, it accommodates different styles of BBQ and includes various accessories, all while being compact and portable for easy transportation.