Aeromattress|All Season Mattress Built-in Detachable Pump

Built-in Detachable Air Pump|Inflation & Deflation 2-in-1|5 R-Value For 4 Season Comfort|10cm Thickness|Compact Storage

Launch time: 2023.12.21
The AeroMattress, successfully funded on Kickstarter, is an innovative all-season inflatable mattress tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. It features a unique built-in detachable air pump that not only inflates the mattress quickly in about 70 seconds but also serves multiple functions such as a fire starter, deflater, and torch. The mattress itself offers a comfortable 10cm thickness, ensuring a cozy sleeping experience regardless of the weather conditions. Developed by Aerogogo, a team specializing in mini air pump appliances and automatic inflation technology, the AeroMattress combines aerodynamics, automatic inflation technology, and composite fabrics. This product is ideal for camping trips and outdoor adventures, offering convenience, comfort, and versatility in a compact package​​​​.