Velaflame — Smart Candle Lightbulb

Turn any light bulb socket into a smart flameless candle: Color & Brightness Options | Smart Home-enabled | Nightlight Add-ons

Launch time: 2024.3.7
The VelaFlame Smart Candle Lightbulb blends the timeless beauty of candlelight with modern technology, offering a patented flameless design that mimics real candle flames, adjustable for mood and integrated into smart homes. Designed for versatility, it can enhance both indoor and outdoor settings, fitting into various lighting fixtures with different styled covers. It features energy-efficient RGBW LED chips for a broad color palette and a 3D reflector for realistic flame appearance. Additionally, the VelaFlame is controllable via an app, compatible with Alexa and Google Home, and designed to be safe, eliminating fire risks while maintaining the ambiance of traditional candles