UGOT Robotic Kit - Future Crafted Now

One Kit to Build 7+ Robots|Fast Assembly with Modular Design|Powerful AI Features|Works with ChatGPT|Graphical/Python Programming

Launch time: 2023.8.31
The UGOT Robotic Kit is a versatile and innovative platform designed for robotics enthusiasts, offering a wide array of capabilities. With its robust AI features, modular design, and high computing power, UGOT provides a user-friendly gateway to advanced robotics technology. It incorporates features like visual tag recognition, FPV functionality, gesture and speech recognition, as well as integration with ChatGPT for interactive experiences. The kit’s modular design, including interchangeable sensor modules and magnetic encoder actuators, ensures precise and swift movement. UGOT enhances interaction through its UGOT App, enabling first-person perspective control, voice communication, and AI interactive games. With motion control algorithms and a self-balancing feature, UGOT delivers outstanding performance, all while being easy to assemble and offering personal AI assistance. The UGOT team also has plans to expand the kit’s capabilities with additional parts for diverse robot building opportunities in the future.