Tiroler: Exquisite Titanium Curve Measure Ring on Fingertips

A futuristic titanium ruler that measures irregular shapes. You can play it as a pendant and meditation toy on your fingertips.

Launch time: 2023.10.12
Tiroler is a titanium ring ruler designed to measure irregular shapes, doubling as a pendant and a meditation toy. This futuristic tool eliminates the constraints of traditional rulers with its circular design that allows it to fit seamlessly on your fingertip. Offering infinite possibilities for measuring curves and lines of any length, Tiroler ensures precise measurements and creativity for various DIY and artistic projects. It operates by counting the clicks for each complete revolution and provides accurate measurements even on smooth surfaces, thanks to its anti-slip stripes. With its lightweight and portable design, Tiroler enables on-the-go measurements, while also serving as a stress-relief and meditation aid. Its sleek, UFO-like design crafted from CNC machined titanium adds a stylish touch when worn as a necklace, making it an alluring and functional accessory. Two versions of Tiroler are available, one with a 5-inch circumference and the other with a 10cm diameter, catering to different measurement needs.