TileRec 2.0 World's Slimmest Voice Recorder, Now Even Better

The Practical, Tiny, and Subtle Mini Voice Recorder with 64GB of Storage, Designed to Store More Than 1100 Hours of Audio Conversations

Launch time: 2023.10.3
TileRec 2.0, is an incredibly compact voice recorder boasting a generous 64GB storage capacity, purpose-built for simplicity and discretion. Measuring just 1/4 inch thick, this sleek device effortlessly slips into your pocket, ready to capture audio at your command. Equipped with an advanced microphone capable of capturing sound from all directions, TileRec guarantees crystal-clear recordings in diverse environments. Its user-friendly design features a single-button operation for effortless use, ensuring you can store over 1100 hours of audio without the hassle of frequent file transfers. Seamlessly connect it to your PC, Mac, or USB-C-enabled smartphones for swift data transfer and playback. TileRec’s specialized focus on recording distinguishes it from smartphones, offering a dedicated solution for capturing important moments with minimal distractions.