The Ballast Pen by Oceanus Brass

Nautically inspired, built to last.

Launch time: 2024.3.12
The Oceanus Brass Ballast Pen, deriving inspiration from maritime history and the physical ballasts of ships, embodies a blend of utility and historical reverence. Conceived as an excessively heavy and over-engineered tool, the Ballast Pen is designed to make writing an intentional and substantial act, requiring significant physical effort. Crafted from solid brass and machined with extreme precision, this pen symbolizes the unseen yet vital weight that steadied ships, reflecting the meticulous planning essential to successful voyages of exploration. The pen’s unique deployment mechanism, inspired by nautical equipment like the fid, used for splicing ropes, emphasizes functionality, tradition, and the tactile satisfaction of use. Furthermore, it stands as a modern artifact that invites users to anchor their thoughts and stories, intended to be a durable companion on personal and creative expeditions. The Ballast Pen aims to be more than just a writing tool; it’s envisioned as a testament to adventure, craftsmanship, and the weight of words, aspiring to become an heirloom passed down through generations.