Poem/1: AI rhyming clock

This clock on your shelf, with e-paper display / Spins poems profound, in a whimsical way

Launch time: 2024.1.30
The Poem/1 clock, conceptualized by London-based technologist Matt Webb, is a novel AI-powered device that crafts a new poem every minute to indicate the time, merging the realms of technology and poetry in a unique timekeeping experience. Launched via a Kickstarter campaign, the clock features an e-paper display connected to Wi-Fi, pulling whimsical rhymes from a central server, thereby offering a refreshing twist to traditional time display methods. Designed to intrigue and amuse, Poem/1 sometimes creatively bends accuracy, “lying” about the time or inventing words to fit its rhymes, highlighting its role more as an artistic piece than a precision instrument. It’s aimed at those appreciating a blend of ambient computing with everyday objects, offering a playful gadget that stands out for its integration of “embedded AI.” Available in various models, including a 13.5″ Standard Edition and a Pro Edition with UltraView mode, the Poem/1 has attracted attention for its innovative approach to displaying time, promising to be a delightful addition to any space