Loomee | The Most Comfortable Book Light Ever

The book light from frequent readers for real comfort

Launch time: 2024.1.15
Loomee is touted as the most comfortable book light ever, designed especially for avid readers seeking real comfort. This innovative, patented book light enhances the reading experience with features like 15 days of reading time on a single charge, adjustable light settings, and the ability to track reading history via a mobile app. Suitable for both day and night reading, Loomee’s ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and efficiency. Its unique design mimics natural book movement, attaching to both covers and moving in sync with the pages. Loomee also offers smart, energy-efficient illumination, automatically adjusting brightness based on ambient light and turning off when not needed. It features soft-touch flaps for gentle grip, color and brightness adjustments, reading and sleep timers, and is controlled via a smartphone app. Loomee’s design ensures it doesn’t hinder the book’s opening and is gentle on the book’s covers and pages.