Looking Glass Go

Your first portable holographic display for spatial memories.

Launch time: 2023.12.5
The Looking Glass Go is a groundbreaking portable holographic display. This innovative device boasts a 6-inch screen with a high resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 and a 9:16 aspect ratio, housed in a sleek, portable body that measures 6.3 inches by 3.2 inches by 0.76 inches. Its key feature is the ability to stream 3D holograms over Wi-Fi, making it a versatile tool for various applications. The device leverages advanced generative AI technology, enabling users to transform standard photos into dynamic 3D scenes and interact with holographic AI characters created through the ChatGPT-powered Liteforms app. Additionally, it offers the unique capability to generate customizable 3D avatars from a single photo, allowing users to personalize the appearance, personality, and voice of their holographic desktop companions. The Looking Glass Go represents a significant step forward in display technology, combining portability, interactive AI features, and advanced 3D imaging in a user-friendly, accessible format​