Gritstone's Apex

A durable, handy blade crafted for your next adventure

Launch time: 2023.11.15
Gritstone’s Apex is a resilient and practical pocket knife, embodying a family legacy of adventure and craftsmanship that began in 1925. This knife is not just a tool, but a symbol of exploration, nature, and family history, passed down from the creator’s grandfather and father. It balances traditional values with modern design, featuring a 2.9-inch blade made of either AUS-8 or 15N20 steel, suited for various tasks, and a 2.8-inch black walnut handle, totalizing a length of 5.7 inches. The knife is designed for both functionality and aesthetics, with a partially serrated edge, a mirror finish, and a natural leather sheath for protection and style. It offers a choice between AUS-8 steel for maintenance ease and 15N20 Damascus steel for better edge retention and aesthetic appeal. The knife’s robust fixed blade, ergonomic black walnut handle, and versatile leather sheath, which can be carried in multiple ways, make it a dependable and stylish tool for everyday challenges and outdoor adventures.