Exoy™ ONE: Lighting’s Next Dimension

The future of lighting, AI-powered, immersive, and artistically infinite.

Launch time: 2023.9.14
Exoy™ ONE is a revolutionary lighting fixture that merges art, technology, and relaxation to create an immersive and customizable lighting experience. This AI-powered lamp offers over 70 modes and 10 unique mode packs, with new modes added regularly, allowing you to tailor your lighting to your emotions and moods. It features an infinity mirror design, casting an endless array of lights, and incorporates AI-Powered Music Sync technology to transform your favorite tunes into a vibrant, multi-dimensional light show. The AI-Powered Scene Generation adapts lighting patterns based on music genre and energy, creating a dynamic and intricate visual experience. You can control Exoy™ ONE via a user-friendly mobile app, connect up to 100 devices for synchronized lighting, and enjoy mood-sensitive background lighting. It’s not just lighting, it’s an artistic journey into the infinite.