Elfin Fountain - Revolutionary Pumpless Fountain for Pets

Pumpless design | super easy to clean | no electricity leakage | 30-day battery life | stainless-steel water tray | quiet operation

Launch time: 2023.9.14
The Elfin Fountain, a revolutionary pet fountain that eliminates the need for a pump, prioritizing user convenience and safety. Unlike conventional pet fountains equipped with submerged pumps that can be cumbersome to clean and pose electrical risks, the Elfin Fountain’s NatureFlow Hydration System offers detachable parts that can be effortlessly rinsed with water for hassle-free maintenance. Leveraging MagDrive™ technology, it effectively dispenses water while keeping electronic components separate from the water source, ensuring both safety and longevity. Boasting dual water modes, a timer, and intelligent settings, this fountain combines functionality with a cordless design and a durable, long-lasting battery, catering to the practical needs of pet owners. Operating at a tranquil 35 dB, it creates a serene environment, promoting a peaceful atmosphere for your pet. Additionally, it includes a filter to maintain clean water and is crafted from FDA and RoHS-certified materials, guaranteeing your pet’s safety. The Elfin Fountain embodies practicality and aesthetic appeal, serving as a user-friendly and visually pleasing enhancement for your beloved pet’s sanctuary at home.