Brix: The Best Damn Soap Case

Say Goodbye to the Hassles and Mess of Traveling with Bar Soap with the Best Damn Soap Case that Keeps Your Bag Dry and Soap Safe!

Launch time: 2023.9.19
Brix: The Ultimate Soap Case, a thoughtfully engineered solution aimed at simplifying the process of traveling with bar soaps, solid shampoos, and shave soaps, all while ensuring a mess-free experience. This sleek and portable soap case guarantees the secure and dry storage of your preferred soap products within your bag or luggage. Equipped with an innovative spiked base, it effectively locks your soap in place, eliminating the risk of slips and falls during usage or transit. The incorporation of a magnetic lid ensures a secure seal, safeguarding your soap from external elements. Brix offers two distinct sizes, Brix and BrixXL, catering to an array of soap brands. Available in a spectrum of colors, its durable and reusable design actively contributes to the reduction of plastic waste, promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle. Brix stands as the ultimate travel companion for individuals valuing the synergy of convenience, cleanliness, and sustainability.