5 Must-See National Parks for your Wrist

Tell time with moving illustrations that bring to life these five iconic National Park watches, from the creators of Xeric.

Launch time: 2023.9.26
5 National Park watches by Xeric, presenting a distinctive approach to timekeeping through animated illustrations. These remarkable timepieces showcase self-winding mechanical movements integrated with jump hour complications, negating the necessity for batteries or frequent charging. The Arches Day & Night watch seamlessly transitions between vivid day and night scenes, with the sun representing daytime hours and the moon indicating nighttime hours. Meanwhile, the Gates of the Arctic watch artfully employs a star and moon display to convey hours throughout both day and night, symbolizing the limited daylight experienced in Alaska during the winter season. Each exquisite Asterisk timepiece is meticulously numbered, with production meticulously limited to 999 pieces per distinct color variant. Embodying a 38mm meticulously hand-finished stainless steel case, these watches are fortified with scratch-resistant sapphire glass and a user-friendly quick-release strap system for effortless customization.